We aren’t just referring to the weather with this question (it’s a hot summers day at the time of writing), but also to the pressures of working from home.

For many of us, working from home has meant that we’ve spent the time we would be commuting each day doing extra work — doing an 8–6 rather than a 9–5. That’s 2 extra hours a day, or 10 extra hours a week, or 160 extra hours of work over the 16 weeks of Lockdown/post covid time.

So it’s no wonder that so many of us are feeling even more stressed…

Will We be Going Back to the Same Office?

As Lockdown starts to ease across the UK and the rest of the world, people are looking forward to being un-furloughed and going back to work. Some of us are even looking forward to getting in to the office!

But will we be going back to the office at all, and if we do, will it be the same?

Many companies have realized that their workforce is just as productive at home as they are in the office, even when working around homeschooling, and it seems prescient that a vast majority…

Biophilia literally means “love of nature”, and “Biophilic Design” is a new term we predict you will hear crop up again and again over the next few years. So how does Biophilic Design actually work and how does it relate to offices and productivity? Well, it’s got quite a tangible link actually, with statistics which might shock you (or not).

Firstly let's dispel the myths. Oliver Heath who runs an eponymous design agency and is a specialist in biophilic design is keen to point out that it is more than just plants and bringing greenery into the office (although this…

It’s early morning, you’re sat on the sofa with a hot beverage and breakfast and you’re already checking your work emails on your phone. You settle down at your kitchen table or home workspace for the morning to get a large task done. You go out onto the balcony or into the garden to make a phone call away from your other half or children at some point during the day. In the afternoon you try to work on your phone whilst homeschooling. …

“Think of a zoo”, says Dr Craig Knight, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter. “When you put a Gorilla into a zoo you’ll give it a tire to swing on, some trees for it to climb, a water feature for it to play with — That’s the least we’ll do for an animal” he goes on. “But when we do that for people, we get design awards!”

He’s got a point. How many of us work or have worked in an office with no natural light or air, no plants, no art on the wall? Did you find…

Katie Henry

Katie Henry is the Director of Art in Offices and is a passionate advocate for making workspaces more enriching and fulfilling through using good design and art

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